DonorElf integrates with your accounting system to provide the freedom, flexibility, and reporting that your accounting system was never built to do.


DonorElf is not an accounting system, but it does integrate with your accounting system. That means you still only need to enter a donation once into your accounting system, and then the donation information will be uploaded to DonorElf where the missionaries can see it.


DonorElf does not process transactions – online or offline. Those transactions will continue to be processed through your accounting system and then uploaded to DonorElf.


DonorElf integrates with your accounting software. We have existing integrations with several packages already and we’re able to build custom integrations.

DonorElf can work with just about any accounting or donation processing system.

We currently integrate with the following systems:

  • Raiser’s Edge (including the hosted version)
  • Financial Edge (including the hosted version)
  • QuickBooks (Windows Premiere or Enterprise edition)
  • eTapestry
  • Power Church
  • Serenic Navigator
  • MPower MPX
  • ACS

If your accounting system isn’t listed above, then we’ll work with you to add its integration with DonorElf.

We make every effort to make DonorElf transparent to your current processes. It’s our goal to minimize any challenges related to learning new software.

It depends.

If we’ve already integrated with your accounting software, then we can often perform the integration within a week and then your pilot users can start testing it out.

If we haven’t integrated DonorElf with your accounting software yet, then it can take a couple months.

We’ll know more after the Discovery phase of the onboarding process. [Find out more about our proven 5-step Onboarding Process] 


We usually want to pilot the system with some key users in your office and in the field first. But once we’ve completed that, we can flip the switch and bring all your missionaries into the system very quickly.

We have brought on over 300 missionaries at once for an organization, and it went smoothly.

If your organization has thousands of missionaries, then we will want to do a tiered roll-out where we bring on a few hundred at a time.

Some of our current customers are large organizations and had that same concern. However, when they rolled out DonorElf, they were astounded by the level of support and customer service they received.

If you’d like to talk with one of them, contact us and we’ll get you some contact information.

If you don’t want to bring all your missionaries onto DonorElf, then we have the A la carte pricing that allows each missionary to choose if they want to use DonorElf. At least 3 missionaries need to be on DonorElf though.

However, we really hit our sweet spot when we’re able to bring an entire organization on at once. And that will really offer you the most value, too. Otherwise you’ll have multiples processes for missionaries viewing their support account: some will use DonorElf and others will use another process. We want to simplify your life instead of fragmenting it.

DonorElf provides the same level of security as banks do. All the data transmissions over the Internet are secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, and a 256-bit AES Cipher-Block Chaining encryption algorithm is used to encrypt your data in the database.

This is the same encryption the government uses for top-secret documents. So you can rest easy knowing your data is secure with DonorElf.

We would love to offer DonorElf for free but that’s simply not possible. It costs money to continue developing and supporting the software. Not to mention, we have to host it all somewhere and pay for bandwidth.

However, we believe that what we offer is such a great value that it more than pays for itself in the time it saves your office staff, the freedom and flexibility it gives your missionaries, and the opportunity to really honor your donors.


There is no implementation fee and no long term contract to sign.

You start paying after your accounting system has been integrated with DonorElf and your missionaries start using it. And you can stop using DonorElf anytime you want.


One of the great things about DonorElf is its ability to consolidate information from disparate systems like donation processing software and accounting software. It will bridge the gap for your office staff as well as your missionaries to provide them what they need, when they need it.

Our goal is to make the information your missionaries need available to them wherever they are in the world. The entire system is available if they can access the internet from their computer or their mobile phone.

If your missionaries in the field are able to track their accounts using your current software or emailed reports, they should be able to use DonorElf.