Stay up to date on your phone

DonorElf’s website displays just as well on your mobile phone as it does on your desktop computer, so you have access to all your support account info from the convenience of your phone.

Keep a pulse on all your trends

You can see instantly who’s giving, how much they’re giving, and who has stopped giving. Handy graphs show you how your numbers compare to other months. It really is like having a personal assistant reporting to you on the state of your support account.


Access accurate mailing information

Your contacts are automatically updated with changes to your organization’s list. That means you’ll never have to update another address yourself—just let your administrators do it. And if you do change a contact’s address in DonorElf, then DonorElf will automatically email the office bookkeeper so they can make the same change in the accounting software.

Mailing list

Sync with your MailChimp list

You can easily setup DonorElf so that it automatically syncs with your MailChimp list. So whenever you add a contact in DonorElf, that contact will automatically be added to your MailChimp list.

Know now what you have

No more waiting for that monthly financial statement. Know what you have in your account right now. DonorElf is synced with your organization’s accounting software, so you’ll know at any given moment what’s coming in or going out.

Know what you have

Sync with your accounting system

This means the office bookkeepers no longer have to manually send out monthly reports to all the missionaries. They just upload the data to DonorElf’s website, and all the missionaries can immediately see the new donations that have come in.

Sync with accounting system

Bank-level security

Your data is safe with DonorElf. All the data transmissions over the Internet are secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, and a 256-bit AES Cipher-Block Chaining encryption algorithm is used to encrypt your data in the database. This is the same encryption the government uses for top-secret documents. So you can rest easy knowing your data is secure with DonorElf.


Easily navigate your numbers

Our clean design organizes all your important information—the way you wish you had time to. You can know at a glance what’s in your account, if people are giving, how they pledged, and how your numbers compare to months and years past. And it’s all laid out in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Navigate Numbers

Track pledges

Maybe you’re eagerly waiting to reach that target pledge amount so you can get on the field. Or maybe you just want to make sure that what’s been promised has actually been coming in. Either way, let DonorElf keep track of your pledges for you.