Per Missionary

$17.95 a month

This pricing allows for each missionary to choose whether or not they want to use DonorElf.

If All Missionaries use DonorElf

$12.95 a month per missionary

If all the missionaries with the organization use DonorElf, then we can offer a 28% discount from the regular pricing.

Large Organizations

Let's talk

If your organization has over 100 missionaries, and you want them all to use DonorElf, then we can offer a volume discount.


For many missionaries, DonorElf pays for itself within the first couple months because it points out their financial partners that used to give but are no longer giving. Most of these donors don’t realize they stopped giving, and many will start giving again if the missionary reaches out to them.

No cost to the organization

There is no cost to the organization to get setup DonorElf and offer it to their missionaries. We also do most of the hard work of integrating your accounting system with DonorElf, so it won't require much time from your office staff.

There is no implementation fee nor long term contract to sign either.

Here's our 5-Step Implementation Process (download pdf) which covers in more detail what the implementation will look like to get your organization setup on DonorElf.

You probably have questions

If we were in your shoes, we would too.

We find that people often want to talk with someone to be absolutely sure that DonorElf is right for them before moving forward. It only makes sense.

We know that. And we want you to be 100% comfortable before you move forward with us.

Contact us now and we’ll set up some time to talk about what DonorElf can do for your ministry.

You can email us directly at