$ 17.95

per month
  • 2 week free trial
  • Can download from DonorHub
  • Can import from TntConnect

Individual with Referrals

$ 11.95

per month
  • Starts at $17.95 a month
  • $2 discount for each referral
  • Can refer up to 3 people


$ 11.95

per user, per month
  • Accounting system integration
  • No setup fee
  • Requires all missionaries to signup
What counts as a Referral?
A referral is someone that signs up for DonorElf because you told them about it. When the person signs up, they are asked if someone told them about DonorElf, and if they put down your name, then they become your referral. If a person you referred cancels their account, then they no longer count as your referral.
What if we don't want to force all missionaries with the organization to signup for DonorElf?
That's fine. It's not required that all missionaries with the organization signup. The organization can get setup on DonorElf and make it optional for the missionaries to use. However, the organization pricing will not be available, and each missionary will be charged the individual rate of $17.95 a month (with the ability to get it down to $11.95 with 3 referrals)
Is there a cost to the organization?
No, there is no cost to the organization to get setup DonorElf and offer it to their missionaries. We also do most of the hard work of integrating your accounting system with DonorElf, so it won't require much time from your office staff.
How does an organization get setup on DonorElf?
Here's our 5-Step Implementation Process (download pdf) which covers in more detail what the implementation will look like to get your organization setup on DonorElf.
What is DonorHub?
DonorHub (which used to be called Tnt Data Server) is a piece of software that a missions organization can setup to allow their missionaries to automatically download their donors and gifts into DonorElf. That way gifts don't have to manually be entered into DonorElf. We have a list of all the organizations that have DonorHub servers, and during the signup process we'll let you know if your organization has a DonorHub server.
I've been using TntConnect, can I import all my data into DonorElf?
Yes, you can import all your data from TntConnect into DonorElf.
Is there a setup fee or long term contract to sign?
No, there is no setup fee for the organization nor long term contract.

You probably have questions

If we were in your shoes, we would too.

We find that people often want to talk with someone to be absolutely sure that DonorElf is right for them before moving forward. It only makes sense.

We know that. And we want you to be 100% comfortable before you move forward with us.

Contact us now and we’ll set up some time to talk about what DonorElf can do for your ministry.

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