Enjoyably Simple Missionary Software
DonorElf helps missionaries easily keep tabs on their support account and ministry partners.

Ministry is hard; keeping up with donations shouldn't be

Let’s face it, you want your missionaries and office staff focused on bringing the light of the Gospel to a hurting and dying world. You agonize over the hours your office staff put into creating reports, knowing that it's already old information by the time your missionaries receive them.

  • Your missionaries are dependent on emails and reports from your office staff.
  • Your office staff spend hours every month putting together reports. And sometimes they’re so busy, it might be 2 or 3 months before your missionaries find out what’s going on with their finances.
  • You can’t quickly see which missionaries might need your help.
“Preparing and emailing staff account reports every month [took] a tremendous amount of our time and effort that could be used for many other things."
Jack Strauss
(CFO at Pioneer Bible Translators)
“...our volunteers could only see their fund totals when we sent out the reports to them, rather than anytime they wanted."
Jen Casselberry
(with Mission Year)

You want to free your office staff’s time and empower your missionaries in the field to focus on building relationships, not mining through numbers or typing them into a spreadsheet. You want to have a sense of whether a missionary might need some additional help. You want to them to be able to know exactly where they are financially whenever they want to check in. You want them to be able to treat their ministry team like treasured partners.

And you certainly don’t want them to take time from prayer, family, or ministry to manually enter numbers into yet another spreadsheet. That can take their focus away from ministry and honoring their ministry partners.

Every donation represents a real person

Every dollar given is a gift from God. A resource given through one of His treasures - a ministry partner. A real-life, living, breathing person. Created in the image of God.

You want to honor your partners. You want to minister to them. You want to show that you and your missionaries care about them.

To let them know how much you appreciate them.

But you know it’s hard for your missionaries.

Where is that email address again?

Is this a new donor?

Is this amount more than they usually give?

Those are exactly the questions your missionaries are asking every time they receive their donation records. Those are the questions they’re asking your office staff. Or they’re the questions they have to look through multiple applications to find.

“...for our field missionaries the donations / finances was an entirely manual process which did not encourage good communications with partners."
Mike Riggins
(Missionary Support Coordinator at North American Mission Board)

You know things are slipping through the cracks. There are just so many details to keep track of.

You feel bad when partners who donate for the first time don’t get a timely “thank you” note. Sure, they understand. But that’s not good enough. You really want to wow supporters and partners. You want to make them feel special.

You know that financial partners stop giving when missionaries don’t notice for months because there was nothing to let them know about it. And that bothers you, but not just for financial reasons.

While it’s financially challenging, the real difficulty is that people leave feeling like nobody cared enough to even know they were gone. You wonder if your missionaries might have been able to salvage a lost donation. Or if there was an opportunity for them to minister to a partner who lost a job or is going through a tough time.

You know it’s happening and you care, but it’s just so easy to miss.

Not to mention, your missionaries still have to decipher where they are financially.

You want to free your staff and missionaries to focus on what’s important without losing sight of wise stewardship. But it’s so hard with disparate systems that weren’t really designed to do what you need them to do.

Accounting Software Wasn't (Really) Built for Missionaries

Your accounting software was built for accountants - not missionaries in the field. Sure, the people who made your software care about what they’re doing. But they didn’t know exactly what your missionaries would need.

So, your accounting software does what it is supposed to do. It tracks how much money comes in and from whom. And it tracks how much money goes out and where it goes. It helps you with tax compliance and account management.

But it doesn’t help you move from numbers to insights to action.

A ministry isn’t the same as a business.

Your accounting software wasn’t designed to facilitate a relationship between your missionaries and their donors. It wasn’t built to help them quickly assess their financial situation at any point. And it certainly wasn’t built for non-accountants, like your missionaries.

“In order for our ministry to grow, we realized that we needed a dedicated tracking system so we could know concretely about our donor base. We needed to know the who, what, when, where, and why our donors were responding to our needs. We also wanted to be able to express our thanks to those who gave to our ministry."
Rick Sorensen
(Missions & Volunteer Coordinator at Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries)

What if There Was a Better Way?

What would happen if you could free up time for your office staff while also providing timely information to your missionaries in the field - whenever they check in? What would that time mean to your organization? Your missionaries? The harvest?

Imagine what it would be like if you could have:

  • A bank-like dashboard for your missionaries to see their financial situation.
  • Quick access to contact information without going into a separate system.
  • Access to check in as often as they’d like, whenever they have internet access.
  • A mobile app for your missionaries to view their finances and donor addresses.
  • Administrative reports that help you support and coach your missionaries.

And all of that without having to learn some new accounting system, find a new donor-tracking system, or invest in a custom solution.

That’s where DonorElf comes in.

DonorElf Picks Up Where Your Software Falls Short

DonorElf isn’t accounting software and it’s not donation software. It’s better.

It makes your accounting and donation software better.

DonorElf connects to the software you’re already using. It captures the transactions you’re already recording and uses them to provide what you and your missionaries need.

It provides you, the ministry leader, with a way to easily assess how your missionaries are doing and to pinpoint opportunities for coaching and growth.

“It is simple and easy to use. It provides the unique connection between missionaries in the field and those of us administrators that help provide the support needed to keep them there"
Bob Bacon
(Director of Operations at Sojourn Collegiate Ministries)

It provides what your missionaries need to honor their ministry partners and to be financially sound. As often as they want to check in.

“We love the freedom of being able to update their reports at any time as needed, and it's great that we can update them all at once rather than one at a time like we had to do before."
Jen Casselberry
(with Mission Year)
“Easy, clear, and quick!"
Cookie Ireland
(with Free Methodist World Missions)

Without adding work to your office staff.

For example, when your office staff updates the address of a ministry partner in the accounting system, the update is automatically pushed out to your missionaries the next time they log in. And if your missionaries update a donor’s contact information, DonorElf automatically informs your office staff.

Using DonorElf usually reduces workload on your office staff. It cuts down on one-off report requests. It reduces the number of requests to look into an expected donation. And it can save days of manual reporting every month.

Would you believe it if we told you?

Sounds Impossible, doesn’t it?

It’s not. DonorElf was born out of missionary experience. Forged by missionary input. And has been finely tuned to meet the needs of field missionaries, ministry leaders, and office staff.

  • It frees up the time your office staff spend manually preparing and sending reports.
  • It reduces (and often eliminates) emails and phone calls to check on expected donations.
  • It empowers your missionaries in the field to be able to budget quickly.
  • It automatically updates contact information.
  • It fuels stronger connections between your missionaries and their ministry partners.
  • It frees your missionaries to focus on ministry where they are.
  • It gives you the visibility you need to quickly assess where you need to invest your time and energy.
  • It notifies your missionaries if a donor stops giving.

DonorElf is the bridge you and your missionaries need to connect donor care, financial reporting, and faithful stewardship.

“Our staff can now look up their donations anytime they want, can pull reports on their support, and access current contact information for their donors. This has freed up time for our support services staff and made things faster for our field staff."
Sarah Strickland
(Support Ministry Coach at Youth Dynamics)

What does DonorElf Bring to the Table

When your organization fires up DonorElf, you’ll have what’s been missing from your donation and accounting software. You’ll have what you’ve been wanting to provide your missionaries all along. And you’ll be amazed at how simple it can be.

  • A bank-like dashboard to quickly understand their financial health.
  • Access to their accounts whenever they want to check in.
  • Insight into new and lost donors and giving trends.
  • A quick understanding of exceptional giving.
  • A way to check if an expected donation has arrived without contacting your office staff.
  • Contact information right at their fingertips.
  • Access from wherever they can connect to the internet using a computer or their Android or iPhone.
  • Freedom for your office staff to focus on what’s most important for your organization.
  • Top-rated customer support.
  • Fully-supported integration and roll-out.

What Does it Take to Get Started?

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve developed a proven 5-step implemenation process that will get your organization up and running on DonorElf in no time. And we’ll set it all up for free.

[ Our Proven 5-Step Implementation Process (download pdf) ]

When you say the word, we’ll start working with your office staff to connect to your accounting system. We’ll handle everything on the DonorElf side to make sure that your information remains secure and that everything works properly.

We’ll help you test everything.

We’ll help you roll it out to your missionaries. And you can count on us to support this.

“It's really some of the best customer service we've received."
Ashleigh Hill
(with Mission Year)

We want to see your organization and your missionaries be successful because we want what you want. We want to see Jesus glorified in all the world.

“I LOVE DONORELF!!!!! I am so happy with it and wish I had it 5 years ago when we began our missions adventures"
Jason Rounke
(with American Baptist International Ministries)

You Probably Have Questions

If we were in your shoes, we would too.

We find that ministry leaders often want to talk with someone to be absolutely sure that DonorElf is right for them before moving forward. It only makes sense.

Choosing a solution for your organization is a big deal.

We know that. And we want you to be 100% comfortable before you move forward with us.

Contact us now and we’ll set up some time to talk about what DonorElf can do for your ministry.

You can email us directly at info@donorelf.com